6.16 Seconds: The New World’s Quickest Street Car!

    During Saturday’s special Heads-Up Challenge to close the 10th anniversary running of Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week, five-time champion Larry Larson laid down the quickest pass in history by a street-legal race car — by a longshot — going 6.16-seconds at 219 miles per hour, shocking those in the house and watching online around the world. Larson, who unveiled his state-of-the-art new Chevrolet S-10 with twin-turbo power from Proline just a couple of weeks ago, debuted the car at the Drag Week opener at Tulsa at the beginning of the week, and despite some troubles along the way, managed to put the truck into the sixes on the very first day and then went 6.70 later in the week, but a hiccup on day three put him well behind eventual Unlimited class winner Jeff Lutz. But Larson soldiered on to close out the week with his new truck that’s had everyone talking. And did true ever get them talkin. Earlier in the day, Larson clicked off a run of nearly 190 miles per hour to the eighth-mile, showing just what kind of potential was in his truck, and he then turned around and made it happen with the 6.16-second blast that topped Englishman Andy Frost’s prior all-time record for a street car of 6.40. But the best part — Larson clearly threw the laundry well before the finish line, registering a speed well below what one might expect of of a 6.16-second run. So how quick can Larry go? We might find out later this evening. But one way or the other, the Drag Week Unlimited class will never be the same again. Credit: http://www.dragzine.com/news/6-16-seconds-new-worlds-quickest-street-car/
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