Plans for the future

I’m planning my next round of modifications and upgrades to the truck. The fuel system feed line isn’t sufficient, nor is the pump, so they are both being upgraded. Below is a short list of components I am going with. 


Fuel and Induction

Quick Fuel SS-750K 750cfm Carb

Aeromotive A1000 Electric fuel pump

Aeromotive 4 port fuel pressure regulator

-8AN line from pump the regulator to carb (the current -6 is too small and causing my pressure drop issue to the regulator)

Innovate LC-1 Wideband


Chassis and Suspension

Jegster universal driveshaft loop

Jegster adjustable motor plate struts (x2)

Either QA1 or Nitro Slammer shocks front and rear

Stock R/T rear sway bar and end links with poly bushings



LPW Rear end cover/support

Powertrax Locker

Moser axles



Harwood bolt-on hood scoop

Steel roll pan

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