Cool Tools: Power Probe 3

I love new tools, and often get the chance to try out new and interesting tools and equipment. My latest purchase is the Power Probe 3. It’s what your test light wants to be when it grows up. Sure it works as a test light, with both visual and audio indicators, but that is just a fraction of it’s capabilities. It has the ability to apply 12v or ground to the circuit or component you are testing, which is pretty cool, but it even offers a separate ground lead so testing a component out of the vehicle is possible (which I have already done saving me time and hassle). The audio indicators include a high and low tone alert to distringuish between a ground, or hot circuit. The audio indicator also works when testing continuity. The unit also features two LED lights, one green for a ground indicator, and one red for a hot or voltage indicator. The handle of the probe features two very bright white LEDs which light the circuit or area  you are testing, which is a welcomed feature if you’ve spent much time under a dashboard. It also features a digital voltage readout which comes in handy. The Power Probe 3 also comes with a 10′ extension cord so you have up to 20′ of cord. It also comes with adapters to use either a cigarette lighter, or to connect directly to the battery. The unit features a field replaceable rocker switch, and a resetable breaker. It comes in a handy blow-molded case. If you do much electrical diagnostics, or even just on occasion, I highly recommend picking one of these up!  
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