Air to water it is

Water to Air Intercooler DIY Kit 1200 HP
This water to air intercooler kit is superior to air to air intercooler solutions. Including a double-wide, ultra high performance water to air intercooler core, a pump, and a radiator (heat exchanger) with dual fans custom designed for water to air intercooler applications, this kit offers extraordinary value. The Intercooler Core100% Lightweight aluminum, No Epoxy Used In Core Recommended for over 1500 CFM Pressure Drop: Less than 0.2 PSI. This is not a typo! Liquid/Air Intercoolers have incredibly low pressure drop. Inlet: 3.5″ Outlet: 3.5″ Core Size: 10″x9″x4.5″ (Endtanks add to length) Maximum water pressure: 70 PSI This intercooler has the inlet and outlet on the SAME SIDE. Read more
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