It’s starting to look like a truck again!

The new drilled and slotted rotors and Hawk pads are installed. Now I just need to get the brake hose brackets back from powdercoat and the front brakes will be entirely finished. I still need to install front shocks and the entire front suspension will be finished as well. I have ordered 3″ drop leafs from Belltech to bring the back end down. I still need my shocks for the rear as well. The slide-a-links can wait till it’s driveable. I also installed the bed mounted battery and re-installed the rest of the exhaust. It’s good to have it running again! It’s also nice to have almost all the lights out on the dash and everything operating properly. The only light that’s remaining is the SEL, but, that’s to be expected with over 34 trouble codes currently being stored in the factory pcm. lol I will most likely end up simply removing the bulb. Another issue that needs handled is the engine limiters, I have found a setup that utilizes the blocks mounting locations and uses adjustable rod ends. I am working on a mid-mount setup using DOM tubing. I’m also looking to swap out the pinion yoke on the differential to a typical yoke style, versus the bolt-on flange style. I’m souring a 3″ Denny’s shaft and 1310 joints. Read more
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