Arlene Johnson isnt happy with the NHRA

Quote 1: Mmmmm Nitro Cars only? Would like to see a Nitro Nationals for 3 days full field, 40 cars TOTAL —- Just once TV ESPN Show for 3 hours — JUST Top Fuel and Funny Car Nothing else — You figure it out?? Yes you have your noise and engine blow ups and 1 hour plus clean ups, tell me that is a joy to watch when it is 100 degrees in those bleachers? WE NEED ALL CARS — We need each and every car that is out there, just don’t treat Pro Stock, PSM, Pro Mod, Sportsmen, etc, etc, down like 3rd class citizens!! We’ve all paid our dues and more!! By the way — it is still raining and looks like the rest of the day, so Mom has a little extra time today. Rather be racing-Mom Quote 2: Good Morning, drizzles out there now, maybe they will “go away”, just like nhra would like the pro stocks to just “go away”. Do we understand how the sportsmen feel, of course — you “are” the back bone of the sport, as I have said before, you get shoved in the MUD, runs cancelled, and maybe, just maybe we’ll get to you Monday or Tuesday if it is raining on the weekend. Don’t get Momma J started!!! Luv all of you, thanks for the posts. Mom J
Quote 3: Wow — welcome to Indy — hurricane left overs — pushed from running order first to running after — the fuel cars — after the shootout cars — after letting them into the winners’ circle — all delay time — to be left with too much dew on the track — shoved off like the sportsmen — we’ll get you down the track when there is time for you ???? ho hum — Indy — Just another race — “MOM J” Source:
  Ouch, she’s not happy with how the rained out weekend is being handled at Indy, correctly so since the NHRA continues to screw everyone except the Nitro classes or the shootout cars. NHRA has had a long running history of pissing all over the Sportsmen classes and Pro-Stock to kiss Top Fuel ass. The NHRA is a joke.
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Small progress, but it’s still progress.

Didn’t get much done, but I did get the new -6AN transmission lines made and installed. I also got the new extra-capacity transmission pan installed. Now I need to tidy up a few wires since I can access them right now with the right side header off and out of the way. I also need to mock up and weld my forward and aft engine limiters out of 1/2″ steel tube and 1/8″ plate.
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