New Bremen Speedway, Updated 9/5/2012

New Bremen Speedway, Updated 9/5/2012

This 1/2 mile race track opened on September 14, 1926, and closed down in 1981. It had a dirt surface until being paved during the 1966 season. Then-owner Earl Baltes chose to remove the asphalt in 1979, but the dirt surface below the pavement proved to be inadequate to race on.

When local businessmen Leo and Louis Huenke decided to create a track, but they did not want the typical horse track found at fairgrounds across the Midwest. Their banked half-mile showcased the growing horsepower of that era’s race cars. The track featured traditional open-wheel racing as well as stock cars in later years.

Below are a 1972 and 1973 program flyer.


Below is a video taken at the speedway during the 1957 season.


The photo below was taken at New Bremen Speedway during an open practice day and it shows Aldo Andretti again but this time the car is powered by a push-rod Ford V8.

Jay Woodside in the Besecker Sprinter at New Bremen Ohio.

Greg Weld at a USAC race in New Bremen Ohio.

Unknown 48 – New Bremen USAC 1969



Update, thanks to Dave Kramer for the info!

Hi Brian, been researching NB Speedway for about last 20 years. First race August 21, 1926. Scheduled for the 14th, rain. Riot on 9/20/31, Mauri Rose one the people arrested. Next race August 31, 1947. Dirt thru ’66, then paved in ’67. Frank Dicke owned it then, he died in ’71 and Earl Baltes bought it in ’72. Fewer races each year, no races in ’78. Back to dirt in ’79, Bubby Jones won three USAC races. Sammy Swindell and Steve Kinser won WoO races here in ’80, with Steve winning last race on 9/1/80.



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