1320 Response Video – Graphic Language

I had initially not intended to publish this video, however I’ve been asked about it multiple times and told I should. Please excuse the language as I was highly annoyed with the treatment and products I had received after spending $560 with them. This is a response to the owner of 1320 Wheels who after hearing my complaints more or less called me a liar. In their defense, they did offer a full refund, however due to time constraints (due to their slow shipping) that was not an option, and I had to correct their poor workmanship and replace the cheap parts they used.

I did end up drilling the old Powerstop drilled and slotted rotors myself (took literally fifteen minutes and came out perfect).

The almost 9/16″ holes they drilled for 1/2″ studs THEY installed into the hubs (the factory studs are 12mm).


The Powerstop rotor I did myself in my garage that took a whole fifteen minutes to do and fits MUCH better than the junk Oreillys rotors I paid $100 each for.


Cheap Oreillys bearing without even a part number.



Cheap Oreillys bearing without even a part number.


Here is the part numbers for the replacement front wheel bearings. They simply press in and out.



Cheap Oreillys bearing without even a part number.


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