I’ll Take Two


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Why you don’t let a carpenter fix a car


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A 210ci V8 Sounds Pretty Nasty At Almost 10,000 RPM – Indy V8 On The Pump

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Blowing off the dust


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Part Trace Casting Number Database Project



For a few months, ok over a year. I have been working on a side project. I have been building a database of casting numbers, engine codes and RPO codes. This collection will span all manufacturers and a multitude of parts categories. This will go beyond the typical lists that every other web site has, and so called casting number sites have. I have several sources that provide me information not available to many, and allow me to cover much more than anyone else.  Read More

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I am a former Automotive Technician with over twenty years in the industry. I now write automotive content, and operate several automotive related websites as well as maintain several other projects. I am also working on my first book.

This site is my personal homepage, my sounding board, my dumping grounds for ideas, inspiration and projects I am currently working on.

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Part Trace Casting Number Database