The First Drive!


After installing the new bolt-in transmission crossmember, and finishing up a long list of small “need to do’s”, I snuck the truck out for a trip around the block. With no plates, just insurance on it, I didn’t want to get too risky. That and being a complete rebuild, I want to take it slow with a few shake down runs before getting wild with her, and I still need to get my engine limiters installed before beating on it too hard. But, it drove pretty good, and wasn’t as harsh with the motor plate as I had been expecting. The transmission shifted great, and the brakes worked just as expected. I can tell the truck will be fun as I did goose it a bit and spun the drag radials a bit unintentionally.

I still have a few things I need to get done before I start driving it on a regular basis, such as fix the damn drivers side header gasket that makes it sound like a damn tractor. Fine tune my ignition map to try to help eliminate the part throttle hesitation. Finish tuning the carb now that I can actually drive it. Replace the junk electric cooling fan controller that decided to go belly up a few weeks ago.

But, to finally have her back on the road after four long years, it’s incredibly satisfying and well worth it. I still have a ton of work to do, another engine to build, and my least favorite aspect, bodywork. But, it’s crossed a milestone and it feels pretty good!

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Shoe Shopping


Still trying to decide what tires to run up front. I am going with 275 Nitto 555r drag radials out back.

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A Tiny Bit Of Recognition


The Napa Facebook page posted photos of my truck. I wish it was an updated pic, but I’ll take it!


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My Inbox Is Exploding


When I first created this site four years ago, I never expected it to reach the audience it now has. The very first time I received an email from someone wanting my help, I was flattered and gladly offered my assistance, and to this day, I still try my very best to be as of much help as I can when one of my readers has a problem, or needs pointed in a direction. Whats changed is the volume of requests. I receive several dozen on most days and even more on some. Ranging from simple questions about my truck, casting numbers all the way to custom wiring projects. However, I am burdened with the flaw of being human, and that means often many emails go unintentionally unanswered. I am in the process of really sitting down and wondering whats the best course of action to handle this. I want to see the site continue to grow and become something. But, I don’t want my followers and readers to have their questions unanswered.

Cliff Notes: If you have tried to contact me and I haven’t responded, I apologize and will get to you as soon as humanly possible.

Thanks for visiting!


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It Runs Again, Ignition Is Done And Made Some Fuel System Changes


Just finished making some changes to the fuel system. Changes include upgrading to a Holley 650 double pump, dual feed carburetor as well as eliminating the return line from the regulator to the fuel cell. The Edelbrock pump has adjustable pressure settings and is set to 9psi, and the regulator mounted under the hood is used for final adjustments to 7psi for better fine tuning. I also replaced all the Jegs branded Push-loc hose with Russel Twist-Loc hose. The Jegs hose was at the time I purchased it, advertised as being compatible with fuel, however later their listing was changed to specifically note that it was NOT compatible with fuel.  Read More

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Distributor Belt Drive Versus Coil-On-Plug In LS Racing Applications

There’s one thing you can never have too much of in a racing engine, and that’s spark energy. Without the power to light your air/fuel mixture on fire, you’ll be going nowhere fast, and can in fact encounter many other issues as a result. Read More

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Total Seal’s Keith Jones Offers Break-in Advice

EngineLabs: Self-tuning EFI systems are quite popular now, but is there a concern for breaking in a new engine with such a system?

Jones: Most important is that it not be overly rich during the break-in period. This is a very common issue with aftermarket EFI & carbs alike. It’s very important to get a proper air/fuel ratio as fast as possible. The newer systems do perform this fairly quick and are generally not a problem, but at the same time the end user needs to be sure it is correct. Overly rich fuel systems can “fuel wash” the cylinder, and the worst time for this is on a fresh engine. Read More

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From Junk To Champ: Rebuilding A Swap Meet Holley 850 For Cheap

With new products being slung left and right, if you’ve got deep pockets, by all means, have at it. If you desire the industry’s latest and greatest, you better have the greenbacks to back it up. On the other hand, if you’ve only got a cheeseburger allowance (like us) to play with, then scoring a swap-meet carburetor for less then what the average tire alignment costs — you’ve scored.

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Advanced Tech: Getting to Know MSD’s Power Grid Features


Racers have long coveted a universal timing controller that would allow them to seamlessly merge various ignition controls and data logging functions with different racing applications. So it was no surprise a few years back when Autotronic Controls Corporation, better known as MSD Performance, came up with that very hardware.

MSD’s versatile Power Grid system was originally conceived when turbo drag cars underwent a wholesale conversion from gasoline to alcohol in search of greater performance. Boost levels quickly escalated and engine builders began switching from Digital 7 ignition boxes to Digital 8s to ensure the spark energy required for richer fuel mixtures. To retain the full programmability found on the sevens, they had to merge the two boxes, prompting MSD to consider developing a programmable Digital 8 unit. Read More

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New Parts!


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